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  • Dragonboy546

    Hey everyone this Dragonboy546 I am glad to be on here and to give you a new thing in the Andromeda Universe now as many has known that the end of Andromeda the series was season 5 but many fans have been making Andromeda fan fic series stories some about what happened between episodes some like mine after the series, now at the end of the series we see the Andromeda in orbit around the long lost home of Dylan Hunt Tarn-Vedra well what would happen if he was promoted to Admiral and gives command of his ship to a new Captain.


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  • Jiskran

    A question of tense

    November 21, 2013 by Jiskran

    I would be interested to know other people's feelings on this point. It seems strange to me that, within a single article, the story often shifts back and forward between past and present tense while describing a procession of events. Should there be a standard of past or present tense for all pages? Is the 'now' of a given episode the present tense for  writing about that series of events?

    Presumably, if there is a 'now' for these tales it is the timeframe of the five seasons.

    On an unrelated note, I also wonder if the information and pages pertaining only to the novels should be specially marked, or have some other categorisation which shows that this information wasn't seen or heard on screen.

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  • Syalantillesfel


    February 2, 2013 by Syalantillesfel

    I wish to become an admin for this wikia.

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  • Sgt D Grif

    Offer to help

    May 4, 2012 by Sgt D Grif

    I can try to get some pics from Andromeda if someone can give me an episode and a general time.

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  • Kriseee27

    F15 Sub-level To C16

    December 13, 2011 by Kriseee27

    Fix Problem Cargo Pit Computer maintance With Acer System Check

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  • DylanDeltoran

    Notes to Self.

    March 15, 2011 by DylanDeltoran

    Add pictures and episodic info to Nez Pierce.

    Edit PoK article assuming Collector Ships are GDF's.

    Help reorganize ship database. Edit boxes, pictures, grammar, add notes on inconsistencies, episodic evidence, specs, uses etc.

    Add Nietchean destroyer...Enduring Victory class?

    Add more information on gauss weapons, specifically, more race specific info and pictures.

    Find other stuff to do.

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  • Acaeton

    Wikia will be changing it's look over the next 2 weeks. The current Monaco skin and the format of the page are going to completely change to a wikia css format, bringing with it new options and a brand new, sleek look. The beta for the new look has been out for several weeks, and the admins of this wiki have been participating so that we know that to expect and how to cope with the change.

    Basically, designing a new skin will become not a matter of coding but picking pictures and colors with a few clicks of the mouse.

    • The wiki sidebar navigation has now been moved the top of each page, for quick access to the most important links on your wiki. The sidebar has also been made smaller and the tiers of choices of pages has been taken away in ord…

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  • Acaeton

    I have decided not to install the Wikia Badge feature for a variety of reasons. Let me begin by describing the system. The badge system would put into place a system where users could gain badges and points for doing various tasks around the wiki, such as adding images, blog posts, comments on articles, and just regular edits on pages. You would also gain points along with every badge you earn, thus creating a list of users ranked by how many points and badges they have. While this system may seem interesting and cool, I believe that there are some serious downsides that this system would generate.

    1. It would turn the wiki into a game, where any edit (no matter how small) would count towards the badge system. While this might inspire more pe…
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  • Debra Weisz

    Sara Riley

    July 30, 2010 by Debra Weisz

    How can anyone watch the series Andromeda and not love Sara Riley? (She is so lucky, I envy her). She and Dylan make a perfect couple (how can anyone not love him? hehe)

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  • Acaeton

    I have asked the sole bureaucrat and other admin besides myself (Anthil'za) for her to grant me Bureaucratship. I believe that I have proven myself to be a good and steady editor, as I have edited several times a week for the past 2.5 years that I have been an admin, and usually try to edit several times a day. I have also tried my best to expand the wiki, gain new users, and make it an outstanding compilation of information on the Andromeda universe. If anyone would like to object, comment or express support, please comment. Acaeton 02:18, July 24, 2010 (UTC)

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  • AgamemnonRD

    I've been watching my collection of Andromeda and I have a question. I'm getting old and I remember an episode where the crew were in a giant library that was being taken over by the Abyss. The library was a huge computer mainframe and they would go dark as they were infected. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

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  • AlexMcpherson

    Since "Blog posts are a great way to share news, opinions, and creative pieces with the community", here goes nothin'.

     Fanfic Info Table
    Title Life On Our Own Author Alex Mcpherson, with some Beta'ing from User:Acaeton at times.

    Rating Unrated Disclaimer I don't own Andromeda. I just decided to try playing in the sandbox for awhile.
    Spoilers Through to '2x13 - Lava and Rockets' Warnings We'll see.
    Time Period Beginning 'Lava and Rockets'. Relationships Steadily-building Harper/Rommie friendship, hints of possible H/R relationship.
    Story Notes If the fic sucks, don't be afraid to say why, although telling me it sucks without telling me why aint of the good. That said, this is the second idea I posted about on my Talk page.
    Chapter …

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  • AlexMcpherson

    Since "Blog posts are a great way to share news, opinions, and creative pieces with the community", here goes nothin'.

    Fanfic Info Table
    Title Ideas of Family Author Alex Mcpherson, with some Beta'ing from Acaeton at times.
    Summary On a visit to Xinti, Harper gets some bad news. When Rommie finds out, a chance encounter with Trance gives her an idea of how to cheer him up...
    Rating Teen. Disclaimer I don't own Andromeda. I just decided to try playing in the sandbox for awhile.
    Spoilers Season 1, some of Season 2. Warnings Maybe some Angst, but it's my first time writing that stuff so it might be a bit of a fail.

    But, I am going for plenty of Harper Humour, so...

    Time Period Post-2x12 - Ouroboros by about a month or two. Relationships Hin…

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  • Acaeton

    Would anybody be able to or want to participate in a chat group about this wiki? Any subject could be covered from editing to discussion of episode. It would be a big help for collaborating and talking about the series, and I think that it would be a lot of fun. Anybody else feel this way?

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  • Acaeton

    This is pretty much a plea for help from everyone that has edited on this Wikia. To be blunt, people need to edit more, in every sense of the word. Since i became an editor of this Wikia a little less than a year ago, I have been doing a majority of the editing, and while we do have a couple people who edit on a regular basis, most people that edit on this Wikia only add half a sentence or a couple of words, or sometimes just remove or add a space. I've seen only 2 instances of where someone has created a new page here, and there have been almost no large edits of pages at all by any users. I'm not trying to sound bossy or vindictive, but if this Wikia is going to grow at more than a snails pace we need more people to edit. You don't have …

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