Borotep Yeshgar
Borotep Yeshgar
Gender: Female
Species: Inari
Ship Posting: Renewed Valor
Ship Position: Commanding Officer
Rank: Captain
Status: Deceased
Played By: Jo Bates
Chronological and General Info
Era: First Systems Commonwealth Civil War
Affiliation: Systems Commonwealth
Enemy: Nietzschean Empire


Borotep Yeshgar, known to her close friends as Gar, was an Inari High Guard officer and commander of the Renewed Valor and an old friend of Dylan Hunt.

Before the Battle of Witchhead, Yeshgar and her ship were scouting the Witchhead Nebula to prepare for the Systems Commonwealth's attack on Fountainhead. There she encounters Dylan and the Andromeda, who had been missing for thirteen months. Though she is convinced that Dylan missed a whole year on the edge of a Black Hole, Dylan later told her that he is actually from three hundred years in the future, a time when the Commonwealth is gone. Reluctantly, Yeshgar believes him and agrees to follow his advice to leave. Before the two ships can depart, a massive Nietzshean fleet emerges and opens fire on the Valor, destroying the vessel.

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