Boston is a city on Earth. It is the hometown and birthplace of many humans in the Andromeda (TV series), such as Seamus Harper, Kemp, Brendan Lahey, Isaac, and Woody, and most unaltered humans. By CY 10088 it was in ruins after repeated Magog attacks and Nietzschean invasions, and was under Nietzschean Rule. It was also the city where Kemp, a crewman on the Bellerophon, spent his last night on Earth. The city has been devastated by Magog raids and orbital bombardment by Nietzcheans, who used this tactic to subdue and put down any unrest. Fenway Park, a sports stadium, is used by Nietzcheans to hang humans who resist their rule, or are caught breaking any laws. There are almost no buildings over 2 stories, and the human resistance lives and moves underground because it is safer. According to Brendan Lahey, the Nietzscheans only venture into the city to stun and collect slaves to be sent off world, and do not care for or about the native human populace in any way.