Clarion of Loss was the Than-Thre-Kull general tasked with retrieving the fabled Hegemon's Heart from Doge Miskich of Pierpont Drift. Loss agreed to a series of negotiations with Miskich hosted by Dylan Hunt on the Andromeda. Hunt had hoped to stop the Than from destroying Pierpont Drift and its inhabitants for what they perceived as the theft of their sacred relic. ("A Heart for Falsehood Framed")

Her full name is: Red glow at daybreak, Haloes a bloody shadow, Clarion of loss.


  • A Clarion is a trumpet used during the Middle Ages. The image is one of an unamibiguous, moral call to arms.
  • Her name is indicitive of the episode's storyline. The debate over ownership of the Hegemon's Heart was the "Red glow at daybreak" of conflict. The Than were willing to go to war, the "Haloes a bloody shadow". The "Clarion of loss" was that the Than were rallying around the loss of the heart.

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