Desiree D'lene
Gender: Female
Species: Nietzschean
Rank: None
Status: Alive
Played By: Leila Johnson
Mother: Isabella
Father: Zarathustra


Desiree D'lene, aka Medea Cymri, is the daughter of Isabella and Zarathustra and one the last survivors of the Kodiak Pride. She is a Nietzschean who pretends to be a human in order to hide her true race and identity.

After the near extinction of the Kodiak, she fled and began a new life. She became the lover of Bartolome Naz, but they separated. In revenge, Naz hired Tyr Anasazi to assassinate his former lover but instead of killing her, Tyr fell in love with Desiree and they became lovers. Tyr told Naz that he killed her but instead he hid her on Elba IX, an inhospitable planet which was protected by the Attrox. After four years she sent a message to Tyr but Naz also intercepted the message. Naz tries to kill Desiree and Tyr saves her and offers to take her away, or to live on the Andromeda with him. However, she decides to remain on Elba IX.


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