Gender: Male (in appearance)
Species: Elysian

Human (in appearance)

Height: Unknown
Planet of Origin: All
Date of Birth: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Played By: Kevin Durand


Elysians are a humanoid alien species. They are first shown in the form of a strange young man who appears and pushes Dylan Hunt to his death. Later on he reveals himself to be Elysian. He describes his kind as a radio signal, and each body is an antenna to that signal. Apparently, they are a race of one in all worlds, one for every and all universes and aware of each other. They can jump from body to body as they see fit. ("Totaled Recall")


  • The word refers to someone from Elysium, also known as paradise or heaven in a Greek mythological context.



"We are to help you die."

Elysian explaining what he is to Dylan Hunt

Elysian explaining what he is to Dylan Hunt