Enga's Redoubt
Location: Andromeda Galaxy
Diameter: 15,090 km
Climate: Semi-arid
Water coverage: 41%
Societal information
Species: 30% Nietzschean, 64% Human, 6% miscellaneous
Population: 237 million
Technical information
Defenses: Nietzschean Attack cruisers


Once a minor Nietzschean colony world, Enga's Redoubt is now the homeworld of the Drago-Kazov Pride, who maintain the most powerful military force in known space. The poor soils and inhospitable climate of Enga's Redoubt make the planet unable to sustain its population of Nietzscheans and their human servants, so copious amounts of foodstuffs and other goods are imported from the Drago-Kazov's extensive empire of tribute worlds. Enga's Redoubt is also famous as the current resting place for the remains of Drago Museveni, the Nietzschean Progenitor.

Enga's Redoubt was the site of a major battle betweeen the restored Systems Commonwealth and all it's enemies. The opening stage of the battle had thousands of enemy ships bombarding Enga's redoubt, the fate of its populus following this attack is unknown.

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