Erik is the selfsame prince in "The Prince", a creature of entitlement, a somewhat dilettante disposition, and a deep well of grudge-bearing. He never expected to succeed his father, King Florin, as monarch of Ne'Holland, having two older brothers, and is both shocked and, apparently, put-out by his sudden elevation. This comes due to a conspiracy by the barons, led by Archduke Constatine, to remove the royal family in its entirety and install a "more suitable" head of state, i.e. Constantine. Matters seem to deteriorate yet further when the dying king's last act is to peoclaim two of their rescuers, Tyr and Dylan Hunt Erik's co-regents by Ne'Holland law, and thus his equals until the coronation takes place on the planet itself. Erik is petulant and frequently self-absorbed, but with the guidance of his two new 'friends', he slowly begins to consider the kind of land, and world, in which he wishes to live. Dylan arranges for Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee to be present for the great occasion, without the barons' knowledge, and their coup goes horribly wrong when their snipers are mown down by the robots, and they themselves discover, in their final moments, that Tyr is not the ally they had believed. Erik, it seems, has learned much, by precept and practice, and not wishing to experience another such bloodbath, he decrees as the new king that Ne'Holland will shortly become a democracy. ("The Prince")