Errin Shohashi
Gender: Female
Species: Nietzschean
Ship Posting: Crimson Sunrise
Rank: First Officer
Status: alive
Played By: Jayne Heitmeyer
Nietzschean Pride: Kenja Pride
Chronological and General Info
Era: Long Night
New Systems Commonwealth

Errin Shohashi was the Nietzschean first officer of the Crimson Sunrise under Captain Grissum.

Before her commissioning in CY 10089, the Crimson Sunrise was struck by a rogue comet and destroyed. Errin was one of many who made it to an escape pod and picked up by the Eureka Maru. Because she was of Kenja Pride, Captain Dylan Hunt and his crew initially thought she was the saboteur. However, this was falsified when Errin used her own body to absorb an electrical current from an escape pod with a proton leak that would have destroyed the Maru. She later helped to confuse the Kenja fighters that were trying to destroy the Maru by sending out a distress signal while Beka Valentine let all the escape pods loose that were attached to the ship causing them to explode, proving her loyalty to the Systems Commonwealth.


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