A standard Flexi


A Flexi is a portable, touch sensitive, plastic computer sheet that is used by almost every sentient race in the 3 Galaxies. Flexies contain nanobots, which can translate text from the users language into almost every known language if it is needed. They can also make anything the user jots down and make it any font or size, and can make handwriting (no matter how messy) legible. As the name suggests, a Flexi is extremely thin and flexible. They are also produced in mass quantities and are used by couriers all over the galaxy to transport messages because of their easy to use encryption codes.

Dylan Hunt gave a flexi to Tori Leighton after completing the search for Deep Midnights Voice. ("Deep Midnight's Voice")



The Intergalactic Apprehension and Procurement Service Flexi warrant for Renvik.


A High Guard flexi on board the Andromeda's bridge

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