Slipfighters in the Drydock.


High Guard station 92916 is a Drift that is inhabited by the youthful descendants of High Guard personnel, and carrying on many Commonwealth customs and rituals, albeit in a severely bastardized form. The descendants fought off the Magog and Nietzscheans, making the Guard station a sort of siege post, keeping them at bay for three centuries before captain Dylan Hunt arrived, putting an end to the half-remembered protocols and taught them the true ways of the High Guard. Since contact with the Andromeda Ascendant, the once ramshackle station and its inhabitants have received aid and assistance from Xinti and Castalia. It's believed that the station is being refitted and repaired to once again serve its function as an outpost of a restored Systems Commonwealth. GS 92916's main current problem is the population boom caused by the sudden improvement in health conditions among the station's young inhabitants.


Guard station 92916 is a former High Guard drift and repair facility near the Dyhedra System. The station is a huge base, which contains over 1,000 Slipfighters, 80 Nova bombs, and various other weapons and ammunition. It uses tugs to pull mineral rich asteroids into the cargo bays for use as raw material to resupply the High Guard ships.




A schematic of the station


The drydock


Top view of the Andromeda docked


An overall scan of the station


The Flexi storage system.


The Andromeda approaching the station


The Flexi archive.


The Drydock

Guard Station S92196

Guard Station 92196

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