Ignatious Valentine is the father of Beka Valentine and Raphael Valentine, and is one of the few off screen characters that has an enormous effect on one of the main characters in the series.

He married Talia Waterkurk, a prominent senator from an unnamed planet, and separated from her when Beka was 7. He and his friend and business partner Sid Barry built the cargo runner Eureka Maru, which was also heavily used to smuggle drugs and other illicit cargo. Ignatious was also addicted to Flash, and this addiction greatly affected Beka. He would often go on a drug binges for several days, which would leave his children to go hungry. When Beka was in her teens, Ignatious and Sid Barry got into a fight over the ethics of slaughtering the crew of a customs outpost, which caused Sid to leave the Maru. Beka's older brother Raphael Valentine left the Maru some time before Ignatius' death in CY 10097.