Indra Xicol
Indra Xicol
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Rank: Unknown
Intelligence officer
Status: Alive, but lost in a slipstream maze
Played By: Emily Holmes


Indra Xicol was an agent working for Tri-Jema who was sent to retrieve the Star Map to the Route of Ages from Dylan Hunt. She posed as a Commonwealth agent of the Triumvirate. With Dylan and Telemachus Rhade, they journeyed to a planet covered by an incalculable Slipstream maze, where he claimed that a few friends of his held a copy of the map. Once the pieces were assembled, she and Dylan had a night together, before she decided to complete her mission and snuck off with the map. She took a slipfighter but took the wrong path to get out. She tried to use the map to find a way out but instead received a message made by Dylan; he tells her that everything was a test for anyone who Tri-Jema sent. He hopes that if she ever gets out, she will be a different person. Indra barely avoided Tri-Jema's ship as it was destroyed. ("Trusting the Gordian Maze")


  • Indra is a reference to the Vedic deity in Hinduism, the guardian deity in Buddhism, and the king of the highest heaven (Saudharmakalpa) in Jainism.