Pax Magellanic - Jill Pearce
Jill Pearce
Alias: Pax Magellanic
Gender: Female
Species: Artificial Intelligence
Universe/Reality: All
Profession: High Guard Officer / Artificial Intelligence
Ship Posting: Pax Magellanic
Ship Position: Acting Commanding Officer / Artificial Intelligence
Rank: Lieutenant
Status: Deceased
Played By: Monika Schnarre
Chronological and General Info
Ally: Systems Commonwealth
Enemy: Nietzscheans, Magog


Jill Pearce was the High Guard avatar and Artificial Intelligence of the Pax Magellanic, and acting commanding officer of the ship for over 300 years. After the death of her captain and crew at the Battle of Herodotus, her Artificial Intelligence became unstable due to problems in her Artificial Intelligence programming, caused by the relationship she had enjoyed with Captain Warrick. Growing lonely, she used the Pax's DNA database to construct android copies of many of the original crew.

Battle of HerodotusEdit

Pearce served on the ship during the waning days of the Systems Commonwealth and the Nietzschean Uprising, fighting in the battle of Herodotus, where the crew of the Pax were dispatched to rescue General Sky Falls in Thunder. The Commonwealth lost this battle, and the entire crew of the Magellanic to the Nietzschean forces.

Realizing that the best the High Guard could do was to prevent the Pax from being captured and plundered for Nova bombs and intel, its commanding officer, Captain Warrick, ordered Jill to engage the autodestruct sequence. However Jill refused his orders, believing he was trying to kill her to cover up their relationship, and she instead ejected the Pax's Exotic Matter Pulsar, resulting in the destruction of the entire planet and the death of everyone on it, including Captain Warrick and the Pax Magellanic's crew. To compensate for her lonlieness, Pearce eventually created android duplicates of some of her favourite crewmembers, apparently programmed to believe that they were the original crew and with no memory of the deaths of their templates.

Arrival of the Andromeda AscendantEdit

In C.Y.10087, the Andromeda Ascendant arrived in the Tau Ceti system and discovered the Pax Magellanic adrift and damaged amid the ruins of Herodotus. Pearce met with Captain Dylan Hunt, but initially lied to him about what had happened during the battle 300 years before, claiming that the Nietzcheans had destroyed the planet and later claiming that she had been ordered to do so by the captain.

After the Andromeda's crew started investigating strange events aboard the Pax Magellanic, Rommie interfaced with Pax's Artificial Intelligence and discovered the truth. Dylan confronted Pearce and she confessed to destroying the planet and killing her captain and crew. She then turned against Andromeda's crew, damaging Rommie and attempting to kill Seamus Harper and Beka Valentine, however they were able to escape aboard the Eureka Maru.

Pearce's final act was to attack the Andromeda Ascendant; she was killed in the Andromeda's counterattack when she lowered the Pax's defences, allowing herself to finally die as repentance for her self-perceived sins. (S1E12: The Mathematics of Tears)

Image GalleryEdit

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