Location: Unknown
Diameter: Unknown
Climate: Earth like
Societal information
Species: Human
Population: Unknown
Events: Final signatory world of the New Systems Commonwealth
Technical information
Defenses: Unknown, but presumed to have a space guard


Kasimir is the 50th signatory world of the new Systems Commonwealth. However, in a twist of fate, Dylan Hunt was not actually the person that convinced Kasmirs' government to sign it, even though the Kasmirs government only wanted to deal with him and in fact conducted most of the negotiations with Dylan Hunt personally. Because Dylan could not attend because of events out of his control, in C.Y. 10088, Seamus Harper and Beka Valentine talked to the leading minister of Kasmir, named Falin, via a hologram that looked like Dylan and sounded like Dylan in an effort to save the negotiations. Although Falin saw through the deception, he was able to talk with Beka and he still signed. With this world signing the commonwealth charter, Captain Dylan Hunt's goal of a new Commonwealth became a reality.


  • Kasimir is a spelling variation of Casimir.