Kylie Vance
Alias: Vance
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Planet of Origin: Earth
Nation-State: Andromeda Ascendant
Universe/Reality: Milky Way Galaxy
Date of Death: Battle of Hephaistos
Profession: Internal Security, Andromeda Ascendant
Ship Posting: Andromeda Ascendant
Ship Position: High Guard Security
Rank: Major
Status: Dead (natural causes)
Played By: Kristina Copeland
Chronological and General Info
Era: Systems Commonwealth
Affiliation: Systems Commonwealth
Ally: Captain Dylan Hunt
Enemy: Magog


Kylie Vance was an officer in the commission of the Systems Commonwealths High Guard, serving on the flagship Andromeda Ascendant. She served on the vessel as a security officer, and was in charge of a small squad. During the Battle of Hephaistos, just as the Nietzscheans were betraying the Commonwealth, she and her squad were patrolling the interior of the Andromeda for intruders, when Tyr Anasazi appeared, because of Seamus Harper's Tesseracting machine from the future. They were sucked into the future, and saw Tyr, and opened fire. While pursuing Tyr, Major Vance saw Captain Hunt. He, also from her future, told her to hold off similarly timewarped Kalderans from pursuing them. She obeyed, and she was eventually sent back to her own time. ("Ouroboros")

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