Gender: Female
Species: Human
Status: Living
Played By: Sarah Deakins

The Leper is an infamous assassin responsible for the deaths of numerous influential figures across the known worlds. The Leper came to the attention of the Andromeda crew after an attempted assassination of the Chichin Crown Prince. Ultimately it is revealed that the Leper is not one individual but a deadly duo of assassins - a woman named Sasha and her brother, a high ranking New Commonwealth officer.


The Leper plans assassination attempts on the fly - relying on fast improvisation on the spot. Weapons used are usually manufactured specifically for the job, and according to her own wishes: a long range, ultralight, gauss gun, a weapon which is very inconspicuous.

Early lifeEdit

Sasha tells Captain Dylan Hunt about her life. She and her brother grew up together and managed to survive after the death of their parents. The conditions surrounding the murders of their parents are however still mysterious, but, her father's dangerous occupation could have caught up with the family. Death seemed to fascinate the siblings, which probably makes them particularly dangerous assassins.

Capture and EscapeEdit

In CY 10089 a Marshall asked Captain Dylan Hunt for assistance: he was about to be killed at a press conference on Lundmark by the Leper. Dylan, Beka Valentine and Tyr Anasazi pretend to be partners of the Leper, and claim to be looking for a partner in assassination. Dylan is attacked by the Leper's "sister", who would like to see her brother dead. When she reaches her goal, she wants them to help bring her into the Lundmark system. However, they need the assistance of Crescent, who is in prison. Sasha and Dylan infiltrate the prison and release Crescent, who leads the Maru into the Lundmark system. Dylan already suspects that Sasha is the Leper, and sets a trap. It leads to her arrest, but she escapes from her prison, apparently aided by her brother.