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The Long Night is the period of instability and conflict throughout the Known Worlds, beginning after the demise of the Systems Commonwealth at the hands of the Nietzschean Alliance. The relatively short war between the two sides ended with their mutual effective destruction. This, combined with infighting and betrayal amongst the various Nietzschean prides, ensured that the known universe would never again experience the peace and prosperity it had enjoyed under the Commonwealth.


  • CY 9785: The Systems Commonwealth's civil war continues, with the Nietzscheans foiling a High Guard counteroffensive at the Acheron Delta. Further devastating Commonwealth morale, Tarn-Vedra is abruptly cut off from the Slipstream via Tesseract. Most of the inhabited worlds in the Andromeda and Milky Way galaxies fall to the Nietzscheans, leaving San-Ska-Re as the Commonwealth's provisional capital.
  • CY 9786: The last battle of the Commonwealth Civil War is fought at the Witchhead Nebula when High Guard ships bound for Fountainhead are ambushed by a larger Nietzschean fleet. The two fleets destroy each other almost completely. Unbeknownst to the Comonwealth, but not understood by the Nietzcheans, an Andromeda Ascendant from the future intervened in the battle and destroyed two-thirds of the fleet before the Comonwealth showed up, preventing a decisive Nietzchean victory. Shortly afterward, the Magog cross the Quarantine Zone in strength and numbers that could never have been imagined. Magog Swarm Ship fleets roam all of known space, indiscriminately attacking Nietzschean and former Commonwealth worlds alike; with no central political authority remaining and reliable interstellar communications only a memory, individual worlds are left to fend for themselves
  • CY 9795: Hoping to restore interstellar trade and commerce, a group of large corporations found the Free Trade Alliance to defend and advance the Known trade routes.
  • CY 9797: During one of the many Magog raids on Earth, a human holy man is paralyzed and implanted with Magog eggs. Miraculously, the human remains conscious, and spends the incubation period speaking to his Magog captor about various human religions and philosophies. Inspired by the words of his victim, the Magog renounces violence and founds the People of The Way, with his newborn progeny as the new religion's first converts. Many humans, Than-Thre-Kull, Perseids, and others - even a small minority of Magog - flock to this new amalgam of belief systems, and spread its gospel of peace and hope throughout known space.
  • CY 9856: With the Commonwealth gone, a collection of Than-Thre-Kull planets resurrects its previous government, the Than Hegemony, which establishes control over the majority of the Than worlds. Other species will continue to live amongst the Than, which control the most stable swath of known space, and most adapt remarkably well to Than social structures.
  • CY 9888 - 9909: An epidemic of Triangulum measles sweeps across known space, followed by a host of other infectious and contagious diseases, many of which had been easily treatable in the Commonwealth era. Populations on inhabited worlds are reduced by as much as 90 percent, and many of the few remaining social and economic structures are swept away.
  • CY 9956: The so-called "Mad Perseid" Hasturi claims to have navigated to Tarn-Vedra and returned safely, but his extravagant claims are dismissed as the addled boasts of a mind distorted by spending too long in the Slipstream. After Hasturi's death, his ship's log is lost and presumed destroyed.
  • CY 10070: The Castalian people overthrow their Nietzschean overloads and establish a democratic government, led by former resistance leader Sebastien Lee.
  • CY 10083: Across the Milky Way galaxy, a wave of vicious attacks on starships and drift colonies commences by parties unknown. The attacks continue and intensify to the present day.
  • CY 10087: A salvage party retrieves the High Guard starship Andromeda Ascendant from the edge of a black hole in the Hephaistos System. The ship's surviving captain Dylan Hunt (frozen in time for over 300 years by the freak interaction of the black hole's gravity well and his ship's AG field) declares his intention to restore the Systems Commonwealth.
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