The Magellanic Cloud is a very large area of the galactic Local Group that is often split up into 2 dwarf galaxies of the Milky Way Galaxy, known as the Lesser Magellanic Cloud and the Greater Magellanic Cloud. This is a highly prized area of space because it consists of very large nebulae of hydrogen gas as well as other elemental gases, which are extremely valuable to spacefaring species.

The Magellanic Cloud is historically occupied and colonized by the Kalderan people, who jealously guard their hold on the area. Before the rise of the Vedran Empire, and later the Systems Commonwealth, this area was under the control of the Kalderan Alliance. The Vedran invasion of the Magellanic Cloud during their expansionist phase ignited the Kalderan-Vedran War.

After the First Systems Commonwealth Civil War, the Kalderan Commune reasserted their claim to the Magellanic Cloud. However, about twenty worlds that reside in the Magellanic Cloud disagreed and formed the Magellanic Alliance. The Kalderans conquered the worlds and governments that made up the Magellanic Alliance, ensuring Kalderan domination over the entire Magellanic Cloud territory.

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  • Named for the early 16th century Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan, who organized the first circumnavigation of the Earth.