Gender: Male
Species: Human
Rank: Marshall
Status: Alive
Played By: Greg Kean
Chronological and General Info
Affiliation: New Systems Commonwealth

Marshal Man-ka-lupe is one of the founding fathers of the New Systems Commonwealth.

Man-ka-lupe is one of the most important political figures of the New Systems Commonwealth. He ran for position on the Triumvirate and lost by a slim margin. He works for the Commonwealth and is a respected and admired personage: he stopped a Kalderan campaign against the Commonwealth, and managed to win seven new systems for the new Commonwealth. He is also a good friend of Captain Dylan Hunt, and was even had drinks with him in a Nightsider bar. They both got drunk and started to sing High Guard songs, and the public was not really enthusiastic about their singing ability. They got into a fight and they both had to spend a night in prison. Even though they could have avoided their prison stay, they decided to any way so that they wouldn't abuse their rank.

In CY 10089 Man-ka-lupe asks Captain Hunt for assistance, because he knows that he has become the target of an assassination attempt that would take place in 72 hours at a press conference at the True Royal hotel in the Lundmark system. Dylan decides to find the assassin but also decides to keep the mission secret from his own crew. But, Beka Valentine and Tyr Anasazi finally manage to convince Dylan to create a plan to lure out the assassin, called the "Leper". Man-ka-lupe is impressed by the capture, and is so grateful that he even offers Dylan a post in his administration.

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