Wikia Andromeda - Heyek, Nassan and Mapes present themselves

Hayek, Nassan and Mapes greet the crew

Mapes looks forward to Commonwealth membership

Mapes is the younger brother of Nassan, the leader of the community on High Guard Station GS-92196. He is expected, in time, to follow in his big sister's footsteps, and take up the mantle of leadership. When the Andromeda Ascendant and Captain Dylan Hunt arrive at the station, Mapes is one of the most receptive to Dylan's revised vision of the restored Systems Commonwealth. After Hayek's attempt at mass destruction fails, he loses his post as 'Onced-Off', or second-in-command, and Mapes is promoted to help his sister lead their young friends into a future as the first bastion of Dylan's dream. ("To Loose the Fateful Lightning")

Mapes is played by Richard DeKlerk.

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