I've tried to translate some of what Harper says in Irish Gaelic

NOTE I use this as a basic script...

What the page says he says is followed by what I think hes saying

Bra ist un caparu

Grá is ár cepaire

This literally translates as love is our sandwich, so this is correct.

Ist bra limolay

Is brea liom <mo lae>

I like/preffer my day, not sure about the last bit though, he really butchers the pronunciation...

cono sach sei mach, anan bach, dochaigat

Conas agat teigh amach, <a ná bach>, <dochaigat>

The first bit is a really butchered version of asking someone out; he seems to be doing a something that native speakers sometimes do and making letters silent to shorten the word by pronouncing agat (ahg-aht) as (ah-t). The next bit is difficult but it sounded to me like the above, which means "ah don't bother/worry". The rest is so unintelligible that I have no idea what it could possibly be.

So for a bunch of people who probably had no Gaelic Speakers available to tell them what to say and how to say it its fine. From an Irish Speaker's point of view that was immensly painful.....

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