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"From another perspective, we could say that Tyr and Tamerlane correspond to the couple Paul/ Drago of the earlier Nietzschean history. As Paul was Drago's father and protector, so is Tyr for his son. Both are genetically similar or identical and both die in various circumstances. Tyr's deceit and death is establishing a kind of symmetry in the series. This symmetry will further be exploited later on, when Paul travels into the future in his quest for the fittest DNA necessary to engineer his race. Thus, Beka Valentine reveal herself as the True Matriarch from the future, while Drago remains the undoubted Original Progenitor from the past."

  1. Paul cloned himself to make Drago more importantly Tyr had no hand in raising Tamerlane
  2. Drago killed Paul usurping his role as leader of Nietzscheans obviously Tamerlane did not
  3. Drago travels into the future not Paul(though I personally disagree with this, the official story as far as I know says it was Drago)