Task Force Bucephalos comprised several dozen Systems Commonwealth High Guard vessels led by the newly commissioned Andromeda Ascendant, under the command of Captain Fatima Novarro. It was created in order to repel a Magog incursion that would have ravaged the Luwian Cluster. The High Guard's forces won, but only after a long, bloody battle that actually came down to hand-to-hand combat between the Commonwealth crews and the Magog, due to the fact that the Magog breached the hulls and managed to board the Commonwealth ships. At one point, Captain Novarro herself was fighting with the Magog. The extremely brutal but eventually victorious fight put up by the Andromeda gave her a reputation, and also is credited with bringing the Magog to the negotiation table.


  • The name is that of Alexander the Great's horse, whom he himself tamed.

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