Tori Leighton

Tori Leighton is a human astronomer from an unnamed tiny planet caught in a Slipstream eddy. She and Dr. Henry Semel encountered Dylan Hunt and Beka Valentine while they were looking for a crashed Nietzschean Slipscout, Deep Midnights Voice. Dylan and Beka claimed that they were tourists, and used that as a cover story. Tori was stationed in a remote jungle province in an observatory so that she could research far off stars. She and Dylan quickly became involved, and he told her the truth about their origins on the Andromeda Ascendant. She loved the concept, and Dylan even invited her to come with them. However, she decided not to as her planet had "a lot of work to do." As a parting gift, Dylan gave her a Flexi, and told her to get familiar with it, because in his words, she "just invented it." ("Deep Midnight's Voice")

She was played by Stacy Grant.

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