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C class



The Typhoon is an old Systems Commonwealth ship that has been converted from a troop transport into a Prison Drift by the gangster Bodey Gunyon. The ship itself is a sister to the Magellan Melrow, which is another "C" class ship and is now a drifting wreck.

Technical SpecificationsEdit

The ship appears slightly smaller than the Andromeda Ascendant, and according to the Leper its internal and external armament consists of "Antiproton Cannons and armed guards". It has 3 decks of docking bays on each side. It is considered "heavily armed" for a "C" class ship. However, this is not the standard, as this is a prison ship.


  • The name comes from the type of tropical cyclone, which in turn is derived either from the Japanese word 台風, (pronounced taifū), or from Typhon or Typhoeus, the massive monster of Greek mythology supposedly held down by the bulk of Mount Etna.


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