I have decided not to install the Wikia Badge feature for a variety of reasons. Let me begin by describing the system. The badge system would put into place a system where users could gain badges and points for doing various tasks around the wiki, such as adding images, blog posts, comments on articles, and just regular edits on pages. You would also gain points along with every badge you earn, thus creating a list of users ranked by how many points and badges they have. While this system may seem interesting and cool, I believe that there are some serious downsides that this system would generate.

  1. It would turn the wiki into a game, where any edit (no matter how small) would count towards the badge system. While this might inspire more people to edit, it would defeat the point of this wiki: to provide interesting and useful knowledge about the Andromeda TV series and the universe it created. Sloppy editing would also probably become more prevalent.
  2. We would never be able to get rid of the feature once enabled. Several wikis have asked wikia to remove the feature after discussions within the communities on those wikis, and wikia simply does not respond and never removed the feature. This could be a problem, because control over a wiki by the people who participate in it is key.

Because of those reasons, I will not install it. If anyone would like to ask questions about this or comment otherwise, please do so.