This is pretty much a plea for help from everyone that has edited on this Wikia. To be blunt, people need to edit more, in every sense of the word. Since i became an editor of this Wikia a little less than a year ago, I have been doing a majority of the editing, and while we do have a couple people who edit on a regular basis, most people that edit on this Wikia only add half a sentence or a couple of words, or sometimes just remove or add a space. I've seen only 2 instances of where someone has created a new page here, and there have been almost no large edits of pages at all by any users. I'm not trying to sound bossy or vindictive, but if this Wikia is going to grow at more than a snails pace we need more people to edit. You don't have to write a several page article in one go complete with templates and picture in one go, thats why we have multiple users, just a picture added to a page or a paragraph beginning a new article or even added to one would be fine. Please comment on this, I want input, Acaeton 21:41, 14 August 2009 (UTC)