Wikia will be changing it's look over the next 2 weeks. The current Monaco skin and the format of the page are going to completely change to a wikia css format, bringing with it new options and a brand new, sleek look. The beta for the new look has been out for several weeks, and the admins of this wiki have been participating so that we know that to expect and how to cope with the change.

General Changes of the LookEdit

Basically, designing a new skin will become not a matter of coding but picking pictures and colors with a few clicks of the mouse.

  • The wiki sidebar navigation has now been moved the top of each page, for quick access to the most important links on your wiki. The sidebar has also been made smaller and the tiers of choices of pages has been taken away in order for easier navigation.
  • The "MyHome" page, which is currently a default, will be removed and replaced with a "Wiki Activity" button.
  • Click the talk page tab ontop of pages has been replaced with the talk bubble to visit the talk page or comment section.
  • The history tab will be updated version of history, and shows the most recent edits to the page. The most recent editor is shown in the tab.
  • Instead of a having to place a text link, individual section editing is available by clicking on an icon to the right of each section title.
  • The "create a page" button allows the creation of a new page in one click.
  • Photo editing has been simplified. You can find Add a Photo links in the “Photos on this wiki” module on the right hand side of the page or in a rich text editor on the edit page.

User Specific/Optional ChangesEdit

  • Instead of a bar across the top of your wiki, a dismissible notification bubble when you have new messages or there is a change to the community corner.
  • My Tools is a new feature can be found on the floating toolbar and will follow you wherever you are on Wikia. History and what links here will appear by default, but you can easily add your favorite pages and tools to the menu by simply clicking “Edit My Tools.” There are several dozen technical and nontechnical tools that can be added to your menu.

The new look will be upon us within a few weeks, hopefully this answers questions about it. If you want to read a more in-depth description and several other official blogs on the topic, visit the official wikia parent site. If you have any questions, complaints, or just a comment, feel free to do so!