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Title Life On Our Own Author Alex Mcpherson, with some Beta'ing from User:Acaeton at times.
Rating Unrated Disclaimer I don't own Andromeda. I just decided to try playing in the sandbox for awhile.
Spoilers Through to '2x13 - Lava and Rockets' Warnings We'll see.
Time Period Beginning 'Lava and Rockets'. Relationships Steadily-building Harper/Rommie friendship, hints of possible H/R relationship.
Story Notes If the fic sucks, don't be afraid to say why, although telling me it sucks without telling me why aint of the good. That said, this is the second idea I posted about on my Talk page.
Chapter Notes Shorter chapter, but I'm aiming for more regular chapter updates, rather than scene updates as it is with Ideas of Family C1

You ask why we give our Ships'
Computers normal Emotions?

Do you really want a Warship
Incapable of Loyalty?

Or of Love?

The Unshattered Allegiance,
High Guard Frigate
Artificial Intelligence Rights Activist,
C.Y. 7309

Scene 1: Andromeda CorridorEdit

Dylan and Beka walked down the corridor, in the middle of talking. "According to Trance, the repairs will be complete no earlier than start of next week."

Dylan sighed, and asked, "Remind me again why I let Harper and Rommie go with Tyr, rather than I going in their place? Especially when Harper's needed here."

Beka smirked a little, and listed, "First, Little Miss Golden Future Fighter told us there's a high probability that with the infamous Dylan Hunt there, something would go wrong, but with Rommie there, not so much. With Harper?"

Dylan interrupted, "He's a magnet for trouble."

"And any sort of trouble he'll get into he could get out of on his own. He survived Earth, remember? And afterwards, before he joined my crew. With Tyr and Rommie, his odds are much better too." Beka shook her head. "Besides, Trance's second point was a good one. As the engineer, he's more likely to know what will and won't work, Rommie and Tyr will stop him from doing anything bad."

"So, my bargaining skills aren't good?" Dylan had to ask.

She waved it off, "You're a Commonwealth Captain. I doubt you had to bargain all that much. Besides, we've dealt with shifty arms dealers before. I didn't like it then, and I don't like it now."

"We need the spare parts. Who knows when we'll be able to get more later, and Harper keeps telling me how much he's canabalised other systems to keep the vital ones running."

"But it's not ever a good idea." The two paused at an intersection, "Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt."

Holo-Andromeda appeared with a grin, "Oo. That explains your wardrobe."

Beka stewed for a second, then said to a smirking Dylan, "If that was Rommie, I'd so have a comeback." At his incredulous look, she started, "Have you seen the clothes she likes to wear?"

Dylan coughed and just sidled off, shaking his head. Holo-Andromeda looked at Dylan, then back at Beka. "On that count, I blame you. Aren't you the one who kept insisting on her expanding her wardrobe?"

Almost steaming, Beka left for elsewhere ignoring the Hologram, only muttering, "Note to self, tell Rommie to stop giving herself lessons in humor."

Scene 2: ShuttleEdit

The airlock doors to the shuttle opened, and Harper burst through before the doors had even fully opened. He quickly found cover, and began firing through the open airlock, while Rommie sneaked by his weapons fire, and slammed a hand on the airlock doors.

Within seconds, Harper was off, heading to the cockpit. Seconds after arriving, with a grin to Rommie, he nodded. "Told ya Rommie. This baby has no security system that takes more than seconds to hack." With a grin, the consoles began to light up, and he took the pilots' position.

A monitor beeped, and Rommie read the message. "Port control demands to know why we're leaving unannounced." She told Harper, with a sardonic grin.

With a smirk, Harper simply said, "Hasta La Adios, Haukin Tau Drift. Hello open space." With that, Rommie noticed them disconnecting from the drift, and within seconds they were in open space, running. "Hey Rommie, this feels a bit slow..." He started with a frown. "Wanna give me details on what we're flying?"

Rommie nodded, and soon she was listing, "Cargo Shuttle Selkirk, Construction started, 7 months ago... Construction completion date... in 8 days." She looked at Harper. "Thank you Harper. You're flying a ship that's not yet fully functional." She turned back to the specs, "Short range Slipstream capable, Point Defense Lasers but nothing else... and oh look, the entire engineering section is open to space."

Wincing, he replied, "Hey, The other ships looked like hunks'a junk."

"Need I remind you of the Maru."

"Hey! I put my blood, sweat and tears into making that baby the leanest, meanest cargo ship on the block. I'll bet on her against a Nietzschean fighter, even! Hold on, Heading for slip point... 30 seconds."

"Incoming fighters." A VI voice spoke.

"Harper, they're Ogami Mercenary ships... and they'll be on top of us in 15 seconds."

"Oh Crap." He muttered. "Brace for severe accelerations." He muttered, before alarms started to blare.

"Sublight Engines are 10 percent above maximum operating threshold." The VI voice spoke.

"Ready for Slipstream." Harper said, regardless.

Just as they entered, huge explosions wracked the ship. "Ogami Fighters got us just as we entered..." Rommie started, only to stop when she saw Harper, unconscious in the pilots seat. She barely managed to process the sight before she was moving, and took hold of the flight sticks.

"Goddammit Harper, don't you die on me now."

"Warning. AP tank leak. Slipstream drive will be rendered inoperable in 40 seconds."

Hoping they're drop out at least in a system with an inhabitable planet, or rescue-capable ships, she made the split decision to drop out at a specific point in the slipstream... But since she was an Android, an AI, she knew that the chances they were in a system with any of those were low. Not drastically, but still, low. All because AI had a near-50:50 chance of successfully navigating the Slipstream.

Scene 3: Planet, CrashsiteEdit

Rommie slowly woke up from the self-diagnostic state the crash had put her in. With the various bits of damage she had sustained, she was not surprised when her speech was tinged with pain, and was croaky to boot. "Harper?" She asked several times, as she slowly pushed away debris.

After she got free, she looked around, and saw that the shuttle they had comandeered was a mess. The first thing she noticed, was a lack of any sign of Harper. Both in seeing him, and in hearing him. The fourth, which she put to the back of her mind, was that the shuttle evidentally didn't have power, since severed power cables were not sparking, as they usually would.

It was as she shifted a bulkhead to where she suspected the front part of the cockpit had ended up, that she saw him. Yet she still didn't hear him... hear his heartbeat.

"HARPER!" She shook the engineer, and began to feel a deep feeling of fear. She lightly scanned him, and could sense his brain was working... but it wouldn't be for long. Glad for just how thorough Harper had been when he made her with the intention of letting her know what it was like to be human, she started the time-tested first aid of CPR.

Scene 4: Andromeda, Command DeckEdit

They stared out into the black, into the area of space between systems. Beka turned to Dylan, to see that like her, tears were gathering in his eyes.

Holo-Andromeda appeared, "I'm not detecting them, Dylan. We came out exactly where the trail ends in slipstream, but they're not here. There's nothing..." She paused, mouth open, and for a moment, she appeared to want to say something, but she couldn't. She just disappeared, unable to say. From the console on the other side of Beka, Trance spoke up, "I can't sense them, Dylan." Tears began to well up. "I know they're in our future, still... but... I can't see where they are. They'll be back."

Dylan gave her a sad smile, taking her word for it that they'd be back. Beka however, said, "Right now, I want to believe that Trance, but I can't." A tear finally tracked down her cheek, and she fled the command deck.

Trance made to move, but the forceful voice of Tyr put a halt to that. "Let her be. It was your words that ensured they joined me to Haukin Tau Drift. He may have been an Annoying Little Man, but our dear Professor was perhaps the only person truly capable of keeping this ship a power in not just one, but three galaxies. We don't even know if Tarazed will allow us to pickup a suitably trained Engineer from them, and the only other options are not good ones. Now, if you'll excuse me, I believe I need to re-evaluate my presence here." He gave Dylan a look, and a respectful nod. "If you need me, Captain Hunt, I'll be in my quarters."

With that, Dylan and Trance were left alone on the bridge.

After a few minutes, Dylan asked, "I could do with that refreshing new honest deal you got going, Trance. Will they rejoin us in the future?"

She was silent for a few minutes, before a nod. "You need to believe me, Captain. I didn't know the likely outcome to this situation, but I knew that something, good, would come out of it. I can still feel that. More than ever, I can feel it." She looked away, at the black screen, "I just don't know what the price is. And I hope it's not one we aren't willing to pay."

"For your sake, I hope so." He spoke. "Because right now, I'm not leaning on the side of trusting you. And I doubt very much that Beka is willing to either."

Trance nodded, eyes closed in pain, before she shuddered. After several seconds, she seemed to brush off her emotional tie to the situation, and spoke, "I'll analyse the readings of the area, see if I have any hunches about anything." With that, she left the Command Deck. Dylan moved to the pilots' station.

"Andromeda, Full spectrum scan. ETA to completion?"

Display-Andromeda appeared on a screen, and formally replied, "Scans already underway, Captain, ETA to completion, 10 minutes."

"Good, once they're complete, transfer results to Trance, and ready a course to take us out of here, call me when we're done." With that, Dylan too left the command deck.

Alone, Holo-Andromeda reappeared, and looked at the screen, still showing Andromeda. "I already miss them."

"I do, too. She's our little sister." Display-Andromeda agreed. They looked at the doors for a moment, before a sigh, and they both disappeared.

Life On Our Own - Chapter 2

Post-Chapter NotesEdit

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